Composite Decking Ireland

Why We Love Composite Decking

If you are looking to replace your deck, you will need to choose from different types of materials. For a long time, wood has been the most popular material, but in recent years, it has been surpassed by composite material. Composite decking material is manufactured from a combination of recycled plastics, hardwood waste, and other materials. These materials combine the traditional appearance of wood with more durability, aided by the diverse materials used to make it. Here are some of the benefits;


Composite material is made for maximum durability. It is resistant to staining, mold, cracking, rotting, scratching, and fading. It is also insect resistant and splinter-free, making it suitable for those with pets and children. Depending on the specific type of composite decking you find on the industry, they should comfortably last for more than 20 years.

Best Warranties

Companies that invest in composite decking material use the best technologies to manufacture them. This way, they believe that their decks will stand the test of time and will offer some of the longest warranties you will find in the deck manufacturing industries. You will find composite decks with 30-year and even 50-year warranties. With such guarantees, you are sure that the material will serve you perfectly for a long time, and if this does not happen, you can always get free repairs and replacements from the manufacturers.


Low Maintenance

One of the downsides of wood decks is that you need to maintain it every three years and even replace it after 15 years. These processes are costly and labor-intensive. Composite decks are very durable and resistant to external elements of weather; thus, they do not require a lot of maintenance. All you need to do is to clean the surface using normal cleaning agents, and it will be good to go.


Composite decking material will cost you a lot more than wood when installing it for the first time. However, the cost of any deck should be assessed over the long haul, and here is where composite decking has an edge. Once you factor in maintenance costs and the number of years the deck will remain in good condition without repairs and replacement, you will see that composite decks have the edge. In the long run, composite decks offer better savings, thus making them a cost-effective alternative.

Wide Variety of Designs

If you are looking to improve the aesthetic value of your place, composite decks are the right material for you. These decks are available in multiple designs as their manufacturers play around with them to bring out patterns and colors that look natural and are suitable for various decors. This way, you do not have to settle on a particular design as you will always find one that blends with your home perfectly. In addition to this, homeowners can get more composite accessories to improve the appearance of the house, such as pergola’s stairs, gates, furniture, stairs, and gates, among others. With composite materials, you can easily create a uniform outdoor space.

The composite decking industry is only getting better and better, and there is no limit to how good their material can be. Manufacturers are continually coming up with new designs and technologies that balance both aesthetics and performance, giving homeowners a perfect option to upgrade their homes. The material is environmentally friendly as they are made using recycled material, and prevent the use of trees.

If you want to replace your decking, composite decking is the way to go if you are going to enjoy the benefits mentioned above. You will find a plethora of options in the market today and do your research well to ensure that you nail down a suitable one for your house.

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